Tuesday, October 3

day 10896: 30 things to do before i'm done being 30

My list, with a twist... until I've crossed every item off, I refuse to age.

1. a passport and a toothbrush
2. learn to converse en fran├žais fluently
3. trust again, love again, learn to love myself again
4. ride a mechanical bull
5. be spontaneous and reckless in a good way
6. swim with the sharks
7. decorate a cake a la Colette and Mike
8. write a song and have it performed
9. dance in the rain and dance like no one's watching
10. know my limit and accept it
11. go skinny dipping
12. learn how to take a compliment
13. run a 5k and 10k
14. climb one of the seven summits
15. go to an all-you-can-eat and not eat all-I-can-eat
16. send a message in a bottle
17. write the novel
18. drive the Autobahn
19. ask someone I’ve just met to go on a date
20. stand up to someone for someone
21. lose that last 15lbs
22. buy everyone in a bar a drink
23. ride a camel in the desert
24. follow the Nile and see the pyramids
25. go to Cambodia and explore the temple ruins
26. find a job I love
27. hot air balloon
28. climb the CN tower
29. go on an east coast eating tour
30. save the turtles


Anonymous said...

i will do a 5K with u. always more motivating to jog with a friend.

-adrienne xxoo

schmassion said...

Soon Chickie... soon as I get back into shape!

Anonymous said...

hey you! 11, 16 and 30 may be in the works... but 6... well, let's leave that one for another day...

schmassion said...

Number 4 done!!! Mechanical bull ridden at Hooters in Niagara Falls... the only mechanical bull in Canada! (according to them)