Wednesday, December 31

Day 9889: Another day, another year, another life...

I've never really liked New Years. There. I've said it. I like Christmas and I love Halloween. But I don't like New Years. Maybe because it takes me almost half a year to get accustomed to writing 2003 after everything and now that I am accustomed to it, it'll take me another half a year to start consistently writing 2004 instead.

And what's with having new year's resolutions? Why do things have to start in the new year? Why can't they start right now? Why put off until the new year what can be done today... yeah right - this coming from the queen of procrastinators.

Well. Happy New Years. Catch ya' later.

Monday, December 29

Day 9887: Had a Holly, Jolly Christmas... it IS the best time of the year

Belated Merry Christmas boys and girls. T'was the season to be jolly, and jolly we were. Had a fab holiday. Great snow, great friends, great fun. Enuf said. Despite the presents and everything, there was a definite lack of Christmasy feeling this year. Sista noticed it too. Maybe it was the lack of snow on Christmas morning, but it felt like any other day.

So, I have a new family member. No... no one had a baby. Someone (ahem... Tuxedo Sam) has infiltrated the Ho-Wong-Leung-Yeung clan and has adopted himself into MY family! For some strange unknown reason, he has met every member of my family on my mom's side EXCEPT for my mom and my stepdad. All within one weekend. Man, that boy moves fast. Funny strange, not funny haha. I guess wierder things have happened, but this is pretty close to topping the charts.

I love my family. Had a conversation last night with Bo on how everyone on my mom's side of the family rocks. We're very tight knit and extremely close. There isn't anything that one person won't do for another. Can't really explain it all, it just has to be experienced. But I am so extremely lucky to belong to such a great group of people.

Unsanitary Man came up with a really great idea this year for his Holiday party. Toasts to each other to tell each other how we feel. Sometimes we don't tell each other enough how much we care for one another and how much we treasure the others' friendships. We think that the other person knows, but people like to hear it, otherwise they forget how much they mean to someone. I am definitely not the world's greatest corresponder - especially when the person isn't in the same city as me. That is unfortunate, and is something I'm going to work on in the new year. I don't mean to let things lapse, but time passes and I do forget to tell people how much they mean to me. Lost my train of thought the other night so didn't get a chance to say everything that I wanted to say. So here goes... in random order - never by order of importance because every one of you is very, very, very important to me...

Unsanitary Man: IronchefBBQ once said that you are one of the nicest people he knows. At that time, I think we were having a minor disagreement on a topic already forgotten, so I disagreed with him. But I was very, very wrong. I rescind all previous ignorant comments spoken in typical J-pissed-offedness. You are one of the nicest people I know. You are kind, selfless and admirable. Your willingness to donate your time and your love to the Big Brothers and Josh is enviable and is something we should all strive to emulate...myself included. Our lives are all so busy, and the fact that you take the time to help other people less fortunate than yourself is beyond expression. Though we have always had our disagreements and occasionally I think your train of thought is off the wall (and I'm sure vice versa), you keep me grounded and help me realize that there is more to life than myself, and the world does not revolve around me. Thanks.

IronchefBBQ: You are a great friend, a great listener and my only faithful blog reader. I think I blog just for you... so you can keep up with your routine and have something new to read once in a while. You have been there for me consistently throughout the past 8 years. I can't even remember how we became such good friends. I think it was during frosh week when we were in the same team or group, or whatever it is that it's called. Or maybe it was the fishing. I've poured my heart out to you, bitched to you and you never judge me. You listen and say only "Oh, J..." You don't have to say anything else, 'cuz I know what you're thinking. I'm so happy for you that you finally found something that you like to do. I wish you all the best. You are my rock, the person I lean on whenever I don't have the strength and need that extra little push. Thanks.

Mini-me: You are femme-extraordinaire. I admire you so much for having the courage to do something that I've always wanted to do, but can never muster the guts to follow through with. You moved halfway across the world to find yourself. A new country, a new language, a new life... a new boy. You are the epitome of independence and everything that I want to be. You said the other day that you've questioned if our group with last. I have no doubt that it will - not because we have to force it and work at it, but because even though our correspondance lags at times, we still have the familiarity and that level of comfort with each other to pick up where we left off last. I don't always say it, but know always that I love you, and that you are one KICK ASS RUBBER DUCKIE a la France-style!!!! Thanks.

Posie: The little one with the face of an angel and the heart of a lion. You amaze me. Your ability to stand up for what you believe in and to look aversity headon is utterly, totally amazing. You are not phased by confrontation, and strive to excel in everything you do, and somehow, you always, always know what is the appropriate thing to do in all situations. You have amazing strength, work harder than anyone else I know, and well, you've come a long way since the days of the townhouse... blah... I don't even have the words to describe what I want to say. Thanks babe - you are an inspiration. PS... do you still have the scar where Harley bit you???

LZ: 50% rule never really ever applied. I listen to 100%, only filter out 49% and retain only a little of what I don't filter out. Jokes. I've listened to you bitch and complain, you've done the same for me. I've known you for more than half my life - scary isn't it...going on 14 years. Sometimes I think you know me better than I know myself. Your jet-setting lifestyle is definitely one that is hard to keep up with but I try... Don't know what I'd ever do without you babe. You keep my secrets, you are my devil's advocate... you are my dishwashing telephone conversationalist...not that you've washed any dishes recently...not that I have either. Now, if only you could make decisions quickly... love ya lots. Thanks.

Kapoopie: I love you AND your brother. No need to be jealous of Binny-darling. No one can ever replace you in my heart. You have that special little place that no one can ever take-the one who made it big. So proud of you and all your many, many, many accomplishments. One day, I can say - hey, I know Kapoopie... But with your easy-going nature, it's the person underneath that matters more to me. Work, schmork... that stuff is all overrated. Teddy-bear of a brother (yes, I've adopted myself into your family - they remind me so much of my own), you're always there whenever I've needed you. Hopefully one day I can repay the favour. Just say the word. Thanks.

Binny-darling: Though I haven't really known you all that long, and it's taken until this year to really get to know you, I am the luckiest person to know both the Kapoopie brothers. You are an awesome actor - truly inspirational how you managed to pull everything together and give such an outstounding performance. You've shared your passions with me, and your zest for life. You can't imagine how much I've learned from you. And they say that the older is the wiser... blah... definitely not the case here. We've travelled the world together, been total dunces together and made our way through France knowing only "Ou est la jambon?" and "Je ne parle pas francais!" You ROCK, dudie!!!! Muchos gracias...oops... I mean muchos mercis.

Bo: lovely, lovely Bun-bo. Each day I know you, I realize more and more what a beautiful, amazing person you are. You are a quarter of my conscience...even louder than the voices in my head. When you speak, I can't help but to stop and listen. Though I don't always follow your advice, know that I do put serious consideration into everything that you say. Helps that I can't make my own decisions and that I usually need someone to tell me what to do. You are everything that I aspire to be - you are selfless, kind, patient, giving, extremely intelligent. Your Christmas families love you. Your real family adores you. Your Habitat for Humanities family... well... enough said. There is that old adage that says that you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. I am the most fortunate person alive to have such a great friend, who is also my family. I am truly blessed... I don't know what I did to deserve it, and I know I probably don't. Thank you for caring for me, thank you for loving me, thank you for being there for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you... I love you, love you, love you, love you. You are definitely a kick ass cuz!!!

Here's to a great group of people who have stuck by me through the past 8 years, through fat and thin, and who have helped me get to where I am, and who love me for being me. I am nothing without all of you. Cheers... Salut!

Thursday, December 18

Day 9876: Breathe In, Breathe Out, Breathe In... oh crap... what's the point

Christmas is all about stress. Very, very, very stressed out today. Leaving for Tremblant again tomorrow morning. Have a ton of stuff on my plate. Pick up the snowboards and the skis from waxing place, find sistas stuff, pack sistas stuff, pack my stuff, load the car, drop off the dog, pick up Tuxedo Sam, clean up my house, entertain my mom's fantasies about having my house clean... as well as all the other stuff I have to finish for work. Yuck.

Have yet to begin my Christmas shopping - still need presents for... ummm... EVERYONE!!! CRAPPPPP!!!

OK... have a good hols babes, just in case I don't get another chance to blog.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out... hyperventilate....

Tuesday, December 16

Day 9874: Does anyone really care? Really.

There's something to be said about the state of Toronto's highways and the people who decided when and how and WHEN to fix them. Granted, rush hour is not a good time for the collectors lanes to be closed, but couldn't they have given advanced warning - instead of waiting for me to find out at the last second that the 404 exit to the Westbound 401 was closed. Or maybe they did give warning, and I just didn't see it. Could be... but somehow, I think the gods were conspiring against me last night. Someone definitely didn't want me to get home.

It was a good night. Dinner with the girl who asked me to be her bridesmaid in September (who I haven't seen since the wedding...), so a good catchup session and a good gossip session... hee hee. Climbing afterwards, and managed to send a 5.10a again! Different one though, not so reachy, but it was a good climb, and I felt great afterwards. Fingers are suffering a bit today, but hey... I did a 5.10a. Yay me! Went for burritos afterwards with half the gang (the other half took off early...). Drove Corey home, and that, my friends is where my troubles began.

404 exit to the Westbound 401 closed. Didn't find out until I was already on the off ramp, so too late to swerve back onto the 404 and get off at Sheppard. Instead, went 401 East. No big deal. Got off at Vic Park and decided to hop back on the 401 West instead of sitting through the empty red lights. BIG MISTAKE. Collectors closed. Stuck in express lanes to god-knows where. Kept seeing signs that said "Next Collectors exit closed" !!! @#$%!!! Thought I'd end up in the Mississaugan boondocks or something. Keep in mind, it was way past midnight, been climbing all day and barely got any sleep the night before. Finally got off at Allen. Went through Yorkdale mall, and decided to hop back on the 401 West for the 2 exits to Yonge Street. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Approaching Avenue, and see a sign that says Yonge St. North exit closed... @#$%!!! By now, in near hysterics. Laughing way too much in an already ironic situation, trying to celli Triscuit to commiserate with me. Got off Avenue, went along York Mills, all good until I turn left on Yonge St to go North... @#$%!!! Traffic jam, merging into one lane, police cars everywhere... oh... the irony!!! I thought that maybe they were fixing the bridge again, which would take at least 20 minutes of sit time. Luckily though, it was just a RIDE spotcheck. No biggie. Had not been drinking. Made it home in record time afterwards.

Seriously though, something up there really didn't want me to go home last night. Too funny!!! :)

Friday, December 12

Day 9870: Motivation, or lack thereof

I have said it before, and I will continue to say it - my job is not my life. It pays for my life. It funds my hobbies. I don't mind the work that I do. Oftentimes, I even like it. There's something about the meticulous that appeals to my obsessive compulsive side. The balancing schedules, the neat little columns... the geekiness of accounting???? Ok. Even I won't go that far. The only thing I don't like is the repetitiveness and the lack of challenge. But the challenge comes on occassion, and perhaps it's the way that we rise up to meet the challenge that determines if there will be future challenges to be had.

I like the 9-5/9-5:30. I don't like that I can't take holidays between Jan - April. I really like the people that I work with. Having said that, I think that is one of the main reasons that I can't get myself motivated to even consider looking for another job. I doubt I will ever be able to find another group of people I get along so well with - especially in a work setting. I don't like that if I even attempt to be "creative" there is a possibility I could lose my designation or even go to jail... extreme, I know, but I've worked far too long and far too hard to have it taken away by something so silly.

So, what do I want? I've been asking myself for months now. Do I take a course and upgrade? Or do I scrap this career path altogether and do something I will truly enjoy doing... and if so... what the heck do I truly enjoy doing? There's so many things, but what is that one thing that I can make a career out of and make a semi-decent living at? Maybe I should become a computer programmer. Too funny! LOL... AS IF!!!

A very wise person once said... "Each day you're at a job you don't like, means you forgo your dream job (or your search for the dream job) another day." In the meantime, I'll just keep on dreaming... while I'm supposed to be working.

Thursday, December 11

Day 9869: Deck the Halls.

Word from the not-so-wise. If you go to a place where the usual clientele doesn't usually order shots (i.e. they order cognac or brandies with their $50 cigars...) don't get the bartender to "surprise" you with a shot. It could be a really, really, really, really, really bad experience. Trust me. I know.

Last night, was the night of the semi-dreaded Christmas party. Semi-dreaded because of the usual pre-party apprehensions (don't do well with small talk in formal situations)... and semi-dreaded because it was the first time I have ever brought a date to an office function. Wasn't so sure how well he'd be received, and how well he'd take the eccentricities of my office peeps. Luckily, we stayed below the radar and I'm pretty sure he had a good time. I know I did.

It's become somewhat of a firm tradition to order rounds of shots at our little gatherings - tax party, Christmas party, etc. etc. Usually, they are somewhat normal... polar bears, crispy crunches. But yesterday - and I shudder at the memory - shots made in port snifters, so double shots, with 8 different things in it. Kahlua, Creme de Menthe, Grand Marnier, and god knows what else. It took the bartender a long time to make the shots since he was trying to layer the alcohol. And then he set it on fire. It looked gross and tasted even worse. Bad, bad, bad idea.

So count for the night. 1 Rum and Coke, 1 Ceasar (spicy... yummy!), a few glasses of white wine (no idea... waiters constantly topping up), 3 Baileys, nasty-nasty double shot... that's it folks! I am sooo not a lush. Got to W on the TWH scale!!

Wednesday, December 10

Day 9868: Jack Frost roasting on an open fire. Chestnuts nipping at my nose.

Christmas is almost here. Only 15 more shopping days to go. Have to get my act in gear and start thinking about things to buy for people. But why? When did Christmas become such a "me! me! me" holiday and not a "you! you! you!" holiday? Am I honestly trying to put thought into the gift simply because I know I need to buy something for someone and not just because I really want to buy that particular thing for someone because I want to? Does that make sense - in a convoluted way maybe.

Generic gifts suck. If I don't know a person well enough to pick out a gift that they'll actually like, then what's the point? Might as well get them a gift certificate than sticking them with another piece of something that they don't like. I'm just giving them something that I'd like for myself, or something that I think is cool. And what I think is cool may not necessarily be so cool in other people's eyes. Take the Kris Kringle/Gift exchange game for that matter. I've got three of them this weekend, of which there will be people overlap. You always want your gift to go over well, so you really have to know your crowd. Maybe I should just buy three things that I want myself and pick those so at least I know I'll have something I like. What a good idea. It's like buying Christmas presents for yourself. That's a plan.

I have a secret. Albeit, it isn't a very good secret and many people already know my secret. But... I still have a secret. PS... ICBBQ... it's the same secret. :)

Someone's getting chocolate body paint for Christmas. I love gag gifts...! :)

Tuesday, December 9

Day 9867: It's the end of the world as we know it... and I feel fine.

My evil competitive nature is peaking through. I climbed my very first 5.10a yesterday, and instead of rejoicing and being happy about it, I'm frustrated with myself that I cannot do it as well as my climbing buddy did. BUMMER. I know it's me against the mountain, and not me against my belayer, but hey... it's not fair!!! I worked hard to get to where I am, and things just come so naturally to my buddy. Fifth time climbing, and already at the 5.10a's. Plus the ability to boulder the yellows and the greens. Boo.

Gotta drop some weight so I can climb better. The pact is on. Starting now.

Monday, December 8

Day...9866???: Damn...I'm losing count! Must be the age thingy.

Uncertainty. Everything about life is uncertain. Whether or not I feel like a sesame seed bagel for breakie or whether I feel like a poppy seed bagel for lunch. Whether I feel like skiing or whether I feel like snowboarding... boy A or boy B. In the overall scheme of things - does it really matter? By dinnertime, sesame seed bagel and poppy seed bagel will be but distant memories. By the end of the weekend, I'll be so tired that I wouldn't really care whether I skied or rode, but will be sooo happy that I won, and not the mountain... and well boy A or boy B... I guess that's a different story.

The other day, my mother decided to take it upon herself to lecture me about love. I guess because of the whole B-day thing and the whole late 20's issue she feels like I'm running out of time, and that I should settle down and start popping out the kiddies. Anyway, moral of the story is that I should be looking for someone who will love me more that I love him so that my heart will never be broken and he'll treat me like a princess forever. Sounds good in theory, but in reality... can't do it. No way, no how.

Here is my vow. I will never settle for someone that I do not love just because he will be a good "provider" for me and my family. I will never settle for someone that I do not love just because he will treat me like a princess forever. I will never, ever, ever settle for someone just because I'm getting desperate. (Not that I am). I will NEVER settle.

Love is not about who loves who more. Because at one point or another, one person will love a little more that he/she will be loved. Fights are inevitable. Things will happen that make one upset at another, and maybe for a split second, love the other person a little less. Love is not about keeping score.

I want the real thing. I want the sweaty palms, the funny feelings in the pit of your stomach, the butterflies... the works. Call me a romantic, but yes, I do want to be one of those couples that we all see and say..."I wish..." I don't need to be treated like a princess ALL the time. Just MOST of the time, and I'll be perfectly happy treating him like a prince forever. Call me a romantic. It'll happen. I'm a patient person...ahem... I'm waiting... :o)

Friday, December 5

Day 9863: Happy, happy, happy!

I am happy. Happy, happy, happy! :o)

Parental units are off to the Longhorn State to visit the Sista. Renos are being started today. Had a really great climbing night last night! AND I'm off to Tremblant today!!! Yay!!!

Happy, happy, happy. But tired. But happy!

This time tomorrow, I'll be waiting to bu my lift ticket. This time Sunday, I'll be waiting to get on the lift. Monday, I will send my first 5.10a. It's going to be a good weekend. I can feel it!

Wednesday, December 3

Day 9861: "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."

It's my birthday. Happy flipping birthday. I feel old. Boo.

Tuesday, December 2

Day 9860: The yesterday of today.

So yesterday's post got half lost. I had a whole spiel about... wellll... the rest of the year, since camping only got me up to August. But danged, if total non-techie me has no idea how to make this thing work properly.

*side note... my stomach is sooo happy right now... just had pho which I've been craving for a good coupla weeks now*

So, where was I? Ahhh, August. Girls' night out, trips to boonieville Ontario with great shopping results (i.e. Kabuki pants) and an okay play. I still owe someone money for those pants. Missed the killer toy store though - SOMEONE didn't bother telling me about it until AFTER I got back to TO. Oh well... couldn't have seen everything, or could I? Tres cute little patio where we had dinner and breakfast... and maybe lunch, too... I forget, with a definite Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn feel to it. Hang on a second. I have this little niggling feeling in the back of my mind that the place was called Sawyer's - wow... that explains a lot!

Deerhurst, deerhurst, deerhurst - not as obcenely packed as last year, but sleeping in a tent on the balcony was totally cool. Only did it for one night though - got a little toasted on Chouchen on the second night. :o) Oh, and must not forget drunken solo basketballing in the pitch dark with a black basket ball. I can dribble the ball 72 times IF I'm sitting on the floor, and I only use my finger tips. Hee hee... got stuck crawling through the fence one time... didn't tell anyone! Lots of lounging around that weekend! Great place to just hang and watch people (try) wakeboarding and kneeboarding... and being thrown into the water... SHARK!!!!

On a whim instead of battling cottage country traffic... first drive-in movie theater I've been to in at least 15 years - I think the last movie I saw in a drive-in was Joe vs. the Volcano. Long, long time ago. Playing frisbee until it got dark, and then swinging on the swings until it got even darker. T'was a fun, fun, fun, fun night. It's good to be spontaneous.

Crazy wedding weekend. Don't think I'll ever get married. At least, if I ever do, it's going to be a quiet, quiet tiny thing on a beach somewhere with only those who are nearest and dearest to my heart there... and those who want to pay for their own flights and accomodations. Funky. There's something lost if the wedding gets too large, but then, I guess it's worth it, when you see the B & G so freakingly happy. Am I a little jealous?

Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. I think my neighbours must be thinking that I'm a little weird, what with all the shouts and the shrieks and the screaming at the top of our lungs. But all that funny stuff aside, I'm rather proud (in a kind of patting my friends on the back, while I pat myself on the back way) of what we (Unsanitary Man, Sista, Bo, Binny, LZ) were able to accomplish. WE ROCKED!!!! Bringing Unsanitary Man's vision to life, must be honest, was a little difficult at times, but, hey... we succeeded and I can't wait until the next one! "Do you have a problem with that???!!!"

And then I had a vision. To be a pylon for Halloween. Your mission is to bring my vision to fruition... fun Halloween night, pumpkin-carving contest, funky costumes, Hooters girl, etc. etc. etc.

First ever pub crawl the next day after sista left for Dallas. Another night I will never forget... if I can remember all of it. Ended up in Lee's Palace - never been there before. Kicked out of the seediest bar on the crawl... never happened before... first time I... ummm... welllll... let's just say, there was many, many, many firsts that night. Some good, some bad... some never to be repeated... some... well... we'll see...

Then, there was was 11/03, and then 11/06... and then Binny's b-day Bash... which might have negated 11/03 and 11/06. Not sure. Don't know what's happening anymore. Just know that drinking is BAD!! And I don't intend to get drunk ever again!! No more TWH'g from now on... until the next time. :oP

And so that was my year. The new one will start tomorrow, but if there was ever a sign that it was going to be a good one, Sunday night's D & B was it! It's going to be a fantastically, amazing, wonderful year! I have the bestestest friends in the world!!! ...even though some of them are super sneaky... hee hee... You should all be jealous. I love them all! Happy early birthday to me... I love ya guys! :o)

Monday, December 1

Day 9859: "Lookin' back it's still surprisin'..."

Wow. This past year has been incredible. So much has happened, so many memories - happy times/not so happy times, the experiences and events are unforgetable. *Natalie Cole singing Unforgetable in my head... Get out! Get out!*

It all began in a lacklustre, haphazard kind of way. 26th B-day came and went. Fun surprise pickup hockey game with friends at Rinx - so much ice to myself, I didn't know what to do. Surprise was only mildly spoiled by a well-meaning, but big mouthed Plboy, but no big deal, since the fact that my friends care enough to even try to surprise me is good enough for me! I love my friends. Funny part of the whole thing, though, is that I distinctly remember calling Rinx for rates and availability a while before - almost like I was doing the research for my own party! *lol* Too funny! Tad disappointed not because of who showed up, but because of who didn't show up. Events of a few weeks before were still fresh in my head. How silly can I be? I think I spent a good couple of months being totally confused and dazed - could it be that I was smitten even then... no way... Bad...

UFE results... the best belated present anyone could ever ask for. Distant memories made all the sharper by this year's good news (YAY KC!!! YOU GO BOY!!!). Tried to get someone to find out for me, but servers were too slow, so I ended up calling the Institute myself. Could not believe my ears!! That was a happy moment - I think my sister and I were both laughing and crying while trying to call some silly hotel in Shanghai to let the parental units in on the good news. Estatically happy for a couple of days at least - until reality sunk in, and I realized that even with the additional letters behind the name, I still had/have no clue what I'm doing with my life...actually just my career, because life is grand!

Experiences as a Quebecois - at least for a weekend - left my toe black, body relaxed (swedish message) and my heart restored (or at least, so I thought). Also realized that I really don't care for driving long distance in snowstorms. But oh well... if that's the price I have to pay to go boarding/skiing at a place where it takes longer to get down the slopes than to sneeze...

And then a blur and fast forward to the summer... oh, but must not forget to mention the -40 degree snowboarding, the frostbite, the dilemmas encountered with people bailing (ironchefbbq... but no worries - you're completely forgiven), one great Mister Happy Head sticker, JP, pushing cars out of ditches, lost 30 lbs, numerous accidents on the slopes a la Duckie-style, climbing for the first time (YAY!) and Tuxedo Sam (I swear, it feels like I've known you for years). :o)

Kick Azz Rubber Duckies!!! Who cares where we finished!! The fact that we did finish this year (i.e. no ramming and no disqualifications) is AMAZING! Pickering festival - family fell apart, got back together, decided to move to Vancouver (changed my mind), and Triscuit...

Centre Island with no tree mishaps just isn't as much fun, is it, Bo? But supersoakers in the park... now that was a sight to remember. I don't think I was dry the whole weekend. Hee hee, at least I didn't get the worse of it. Surprise Triscuit! Commando styles... lucky we didn't kill you, and lucky you didn't jump over the balcony - that would have been bad. Really, really bad... in so many ways.

Fond memories of "Moving John Holland." Trying to make it back for the Festival of Fire, only to get locked in the underground parking garage. Rollerblading at Sunnyside - I still have a scar where I fell going down that hill from High Park. Oh wait - latest climbing scrape is covering it. Lol.

Tearless goodbyes, but joyful reunion hellos in Lille... ahhh France. Viva la France. What can I say about two of the best weeks I've ever had, except thanks to all who made it possible. TWH never happened, but Unsanitary Man, Binny, Mini, Bo, LZ... t'was wonderful. I will never forget. PLUS...the thousands of pictures we took will never let us forget. hee hee. Literally thousands. One day, when I'm sixty, I'll find the time to sit down and organize them. Until then, it's in a box, somewhere in my house. Gotta love the hardcopy pix though. Digi is all cool and dandy, but there's just something about the anticipation of waiting for photos to develop and going back to the store 100 times to see if they're ready yet...only to hear "Come back tomorrow!"

Hardcore camping for the first time in my life! No toilets, no potties... not even a hole in the ground - unless you dug it yourself (with a stick). I now know that there are worse things than going potty in the woods with mosquitos biting at your butt. No worries guys, that one's for the girls. If I can manage that - I can manage anything! Cliff jumping, though. Been there, done that, no big deal. Never has been, never will be! BTW - if you haven't slept the night before, do not even attempt to drive (especially in a traffic jam). No sleeping and driving does not mix well, right ICBBQ?