Sunday, June 28

day 11892: sharing tears

How does one not share the pain of a family in the vet's office waiting to end the suffering of a dear, dear friend? Despite our recent endless loop of vet appointments, today was the first time I encountered a grieving family. Witnessing someone else's pain is a truly heartwrenching experience. I've been tearing up all day.

I'm afraid that when it comes my turn to make the decision, I won't be able to do it. This might be the one thing that would kill me.

Thursday, June 25

day ?????: what's in an age

Someone mentioned once that it'd be pretty awkward to date someone closer in age to your parents than to you. I think I would probably have to agree with that. Not that I've done it.

But I have considered it...

Monday, June 8

day 11872: out of the darkness and into the limelight

It's been rather disconcerting to check the statmeter on my business site to discover suddenly that people have been finding me by googling my real name rather than my business name. It's more disconcerting that I have no idea whether these people are actually interested in buying something from me or whether these people are potential dates pre-stalking me.

The stakes are suddenly higher... and I don't like it one bit. Is it ok if I crawl back under the rock from whence I came?