Thursday, September 25

day 11618: sausalito

There's some kind of fishing boat hanging around in the bay below us. The fog in the distance rolled in with the sunrise and seems to have settled in for the day. For a brief moment stillness hangs in the air and I think for a split second that I am all alone and that if I try really hard, I can fly.

Tuesday, September 16

day 11609: introducing the new schmutt

Well, I finally broke the news to the maternal one that she was getting another grandfurkid. So, fair game... everyone gets to know that there's a new schmutt on the way.

17 days... and counting.

Friday, September 12

day ?????: what the hell?

I don't think it's humanly possible for anyone to be more disappointed in themselve than I am at this very moment.

What the hell happened to me this past year? When did I lose control?