Tuesday, October 13

day12001: it's always depressing when you hit another thousand

some things I've learned in the past few days:
- I have an incredibly strong right hand that now is crippled from squeezing a piping bag filled with stupidly made royal icing
- melted gummi bears looks like snot
- the business sideof things really sucks
- I'm ready to retire to a country home with a garden to putter in and enough whimsy to lure over the neighbourhood fairies

Tuesday, October 6

day11994.5: where are all the cool guys in this city

I cannot believe that I'm talking to a guy who considers himself a foodie but counts Memories of Japan amongst his top three favourite Japanese restaurants. I never considered myself a food snob but c'mon...crappy tapanyaki? Really?
I give up. I'm joining a nunnery.
day 11994: beginning... middle... ...

I've never been good at finishing things that I've started.

Friday, October 2

day 11990: ugh...

It appears that my pet has adopted a pet of her own. While I was the kid who loved earthworms and carried tic-tac boxes of them to kindergarten, parasitic worms don't really do it for me. Especially not after the recent fish incident.

Tonight we make yet another trip to the pet doctors. If their reception area was anything like the check-in desk at the airport, I'd have my own special elite line and maybe even a private jet.

Thursday, October 1

day 11989: happy birthday, da

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are... haven't heard from you recently. Give me a call, hm?