Wednesday, February 25

Day 9945: 101 things you never thought you wanted to know...

1. My favourite pair of underwear is red. I wore them inside out last night ‘cuz I wasn’t paying attention… how sexy is that? …oops… ;oP
2. I have an emotional attachment to my 15 year old tennis racquet and refuse to play with the one I bought two years ago and only got strung this past summer
3. My favourite pair of socks is blue
4. I really do prefer skiing to snowboarding
5. I hate eating with mismatched chopsticks. Would rather not eat
6. I don’t know anything about politics and really could care less
7. I’m a news junkie, but only weird news and city news (but nothing political)
8. I read my horoscope everyday…but forget it right after I read it
9. My dog likes the song “Mommy’s Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird” and she doesn’t care if I make up the words
10. My uncle-or-something is the Governor of Washington state
11. The lyrics of all songs escape me. I just make them up as I sing along
12. My favourite flowers are pink roses, second favourite blue orchids…purple ones are cool too
13. My handwriting changes drastically depending on my mood
14. I’ve started writing at least 4 different books, none of which I’ve gone more than 10 pages into
15. Procrastination is a lifestyle
16. I pick up rocks from special places and keep them in my pocket until I lose them
17. I do like Country Music
18. I have no idea the difference between hiphop, techno, house and whatever is not country
19. First kiss on lips ever was by a partner in my firm… friendly, congratulations-for-not- sucking-at-golf kind of kiss… gross - that kiss doesn’t count…
20. First real kiss 2 months later…not by partner in my firm… not gross…
21. Have only kissed one guy. Have never kissed a girl – never wanted to, don’t think I’ll ever want to
22. I miss my sister. But I don’t have anything to say when I call her
23. I call my mom every day, but I don’t have anything to say when I call her
24. A few years ago I believed my destiny was in England. Kept getting the urge to fly over, never did – always regretted it
25. I would do anything for family, and almost anything for a friend, but depends on who and depends on what
26. I don’t really hate my job, I just bitch about it. I actually like it when it challenges me – too bad that doesn’t happen
27. I once worked as a bus counter and counted the number of people getting on and off the bus, got horribly carsick and never showed up for work again
28. Hate bell peppers – hate them, hate them, hate them
29. I’m a sucker for teeny-bopper movies and most children’s movies
30. Smoking is a filthy nasty disgusting habit. Have never smoked a cigarette.
31. I can draw almost anything so long as I’m copying it and not doing it from memory (or real life)
32. I’m too chicken to ride a motorcycle, but I want to be AM a biker chick
33. Only know one Prince song – Purple Rain - no real desire to know any more
34. Only know one George Michael song, but I forget the name of it
35. I agree with people who say that Asian women can’t drive – except for me
36. I go out of my way to make people happy – that said, I hate doing things for people because they tell me I have to do it. (See blog on responsibility)
37. Hate fake people
38. Bumped into Michael Burgess in my reception room last year – forgot who he was until three hours later – damn… I hate name dropping… who really cares if I don’t even care…
39. My dog’s leg reminds me of a chicken leg. Sometimes I want to bite it, but then she’ll bite back
40. Addicted to email
41. Addicted to blogging
42. Am completely terrified of computers if it’s not about emailing or surfing
43. Addicted to coffee – but only 2 cups per day max
44. I knit, but only when I want to make something for someone – I don’t wear what I knit. Except the scarf I knit for my sister… I’ve been wearing it…your fault baby for not bringing it to Texas with you
45. I can do the splits – both ways if I stretch first… am very, very, very flexible, but don’t understand why that turns guys on
46. I only like chocolate at certain times of the month
47. Basketball is not a sport – but neither is skiing or snowboarding unless you’re seriously training for something
48. Triscuits really are my favourite crackers – all jokes aside
49. My favourite Gatorade is blue, yellow is a really close second – I have a can of orange mix to give away if anyone wants it
50. I love watching hockey, but I have no clue who the players are
51. I like football – it’s like chess, but it moves a little faster
52. I have an insane fear of sharks, but I touched one when I was in Vegas and almost gave my sister a heart attack
53. I used to spend thousands of dollars on books a year. In the past year, I’m lucky if I’ve spent $300, and of that, the majority was for b-day presents
54. I feel myself getting stoopider by the day
55. I have no fingerprints on the tip of the middle finger on my left hand
56. I have three major scars – my shin, my head, and my shoulder – of which only the shoulder one is still visible
57. I once burned the inside of my wrist with a hot glue gun – people thought I had the bandages on because I tried to kill myself
58. Only bone I’ve broken was a toe on my 14th b-day. No x-rays. Knew it was broken cuz I could take it and turn it all the way around
59. I am a planner. I hate non-commitments. I hate when people bail
60. I hate when I don’t have any plans. Even down time has to be planned
61. That said, I really am trying to be spontaneous – I went to Ham on a whim, didn’t I?
62. I don’t deal well with change
63. I hate weddings
64. I really want to cut my hair, but I promised that I wouldn’t – but I went and cut it last night anyway…s’okay we had an arrangement
65. I once knew how to read Biblical Hebrew, but only if it was about Benjamin and sheep and cows
66. Can’t stand going to the dentist. Will dread it for the entire week before.
67. Have never been south of the equator, but have visited most of the continents above the equator
68. I can cook, and cook well, but I hate cooking for just myself so I don’t cook
69. I f.u.’d my wrist last night when I was climbing. BOO!!!
70. I’ve climbed a 5.10b, but was two moves off of finishing a 5.10c. That said, at the moment, I’ve regressed back to the 5.8’s, but clean climbs, though.
71. I have the bestestest sister in the world – she tried to draw me…aw shucks…
72. I’m only ticklish in some places
73. My car has a name … it’s JP
74. I want to get married one day, but only once
75. I’m not sure if I want children even though I know that I’d be a fantastic mom
76. My favourite breakfast after a night of drinking is scrambled eggs and sausage
77. I never know what I want at a bar – most of the time I get someone to order something for me
78. Recently, though, it’s been Amaretto Cokes cuz they taste like Cherry Cokes
79. I’ve only puked four times ‘cuz I was drunk – tax party, boat party, Binny’s b-day party, and Linda’s b-day bar thingy which turned into an I-hate-boys night
80. Chuck E. Cheese’s is my happy place
81. So are La Jolla, St. Malo, and this tiny little rock outcropping near the boat transfer station at the Severn River
82. I have peed in the woods, but have never pooped in the woods… I’ve also done something else in the woods, but let’s not talk about it
83. I’ve snowboarded/skied more this year than the past 5 years combined
84. I rock on skis. Try to keep up – I dare you. And no, I’m not just being cocky
85. Most people either love me or think I’m super bitch. I prefer if they love me, but sometimes bitchy gets things done
86. I was once a whale
87. My dad is my role model. He was virtually perfect
88. He died when I was 18. He dropped dead in front of me, and I have never forgiven myself for making him go to fencing class with me that night
89. Have since sworn, that I would never make anyone do anything that they didn’t want to do
90. My mom got remarried 6 years later. I hated her first “boyfriend” and would call during their dates. Not really on purpose, but I don’t regret doing it either
91. My left hip clicks when I walk.
92. I never planned to live past 45.
93. I think I’m going to die in a plane crash. But I’m not afraid of flying
94. I have an amazing sense of direction in any city except for Ottawa
95. I have great friends
96. I have the world’s best family, but only on my mother’s side
97. I can type almost as fast with one hand as I can with two hands… which is pretty darned fast… I max out at 116wpm though. You should see me with a calculator. I’ve wowed clients before
98. I cannot spell the word “weird”. Except this time for some reason. That’s wierd.
99. I call everyone Babe, Dude, Girlie-girl, or Chickie because I’m not good with names, and it’s better than calling someone by the wrong name. But if I ever call you a cutie or a sweetie, that means I mean it. Though I usually mean Babe too.
100. I am lost without my cell phone.
101. If you made it this far, you kick ass!!


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