Wednesday, September 28

day 10527: …and that’s when my stomach went *clunk* and my heart went *thump* and the boy went *humph*

Feeling like this again... so much to say, so much to write about… so little time... so how about a teaser of all the things I could have written about that I don't have time to write about...

~ My-boy-Bacon...

~ My-boy-Bacon... 's friend (*wave* yes, I know you're reading this, and no, I don't really like it, but I can't stop you) checks out this site, so I have to watch what I say about My-boy-Bacon...

~ My-boy-Bacon... gives me stomach butterflies...

~ My-boy-Bacon... called himself my boyfriend...

~ My-boy-Bacon... 's parents know about me...

~ My-boy-Bacon... 's parents wanted to invite me over for Thanksgiving Dinner...

~ My-boy-Bacon... and I have only "had a thing going" for a couple of weeks...

~ My-boy-Bacon... gave me a slight panic attack yesterday, but I'm okay today... cuz I'm still liking My-boy-Bacon...

I'd write more, but Monkeyco, you’re sucking the life out of me…

Thursday, September 22

day 10521: sometimes i wonder...

Why do I bother? Just because I signed up for football doesn't mean I have to play every single game. This commitment thingy-ma-bobby is a little too much.

It's POURING rain and I'm playing a game I don't really like... did I mention it was POURING RAIN?? OUTDOORS??!!

I could be climbing tonight. I haven't climbed in TWO WEEKS!

I could've had FREE tickets for BOX SEATS at the LEAFS vs. CANADIANS game...


...this is either extreme dedication or extreme stupidity... I'm thinking more stupidity.

Wednesday, September 21

day 10520: holy shit, batman!

A link my boy, Bacon, just sent me. At the moment I'm alternating between giggling hysterically to myself in my cubicle and being slightly grossed out... especially since he sent it with the message, "I wanna make a bat-turd!"

My boy, Bacon, it appears, has the same juvenile sense of humour that I do. I'm thinking I'm liking him.

Tuesday, September 20

day 10519: another two second quickie...

Remember these?

It just occurred to me (as I sit here sucking and licking on one), that whoever named these must have an absurd sense of humour.

Yes, yes... I know... get my mind out of the gutter...

Monday, September 19

day 10518: two second quickie...

How am I supposed to take my auditor seriously if she has a Hello Kitty screensaver?

You're supposed to be a professional for goodness sakes!

Friday, September 16

day 10515: incredibly low standards (aka it doesn’t take much to make me happy

When Da used to go on business trips or out to the bar with his worker-buds, he’d always bring something home for me and the Sista. Nothing big, nothing special… but whatever it was, it always made me happy when he emptied out his pockets of the goodie-du-jour.

Goodie-du-jour… i.e. mints, coasters and used swizzle sticks… and yes, I still have some somewhere…

Like I said... it really doesn't take much to make me happy.

Thursday, September 15

day 10514: it only took me 28 ½ years to figure out that my knees can sweat

She said that it would be hot. Someone else told me to be prepared to sweat. I don’t think I took either of them as seriously as I should have.

I thought I was going to have heat stroke and die. Hot can’t even adequately describe how it felt in the room. Had someone asked me, I would have described it as a breath-taking-lung-scorching-heart-roasting experience. Even breathing was painful despite me positioning myself close to the window so that I could mooch off any cool air that might have been leaking through the cracks.

I wasn’t that lucky.

I sucked back more than a litre of water in the one and half hours I was cooking. My towel was soaked. My clothes were soaked. Perhaps I shouldn’t have worn the baby-blue cord shorts that turned a disgustingly damp dingy grey. Even the tank I was wearing was dripping by the time we were done.

How gross.

But it’s not going to stop me from going again. This could be fun, and if not, well, at least there's been some pretty funny emails floating around...

From: Schmassion
To: Smartie
Subject: Re: Hey sweetie!

hot yoga was hot... i thought i was going to get heat stroke and die.


From: Smartie
To: Schmassion
Subject: Re: Hey sweetie!

I’m gonna join you for yoga sometime if that’s cool with you (no pun intended) – we should schedule something…

From: Schmassion
To: Smartie
Subject: Re: Hey sweetie!

i don't have a schedule, cuz i'm so booked up all the other days. i was thinking maybe saturday mornings or early weekday mornings...

From: Smartie
To: Schmassion
Subject: Re: Hey sweetie!

I could do the 6:30am one!

From: Schmassion
To: Smartie
Subject: Re: Hey sweetie!

sigh... i could try to do the 6:30am one... you'd have to come over and literally put me out of bed though...

From: Smartie
To: Schmassion
Subject: Re: Hey sweetie!

I could just roll over whisper in your ear.

From: Schmassion
To: Smartie
Subject: Re: Hey sweetie!

and if that WAS the case... you think we'd be getting up to go to yoga? ;)


Wednesday, September 14

day 10513: and these were supposed to be special cookies

...reason 342,702,391,361 why i would never make a good housewife... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 13

day 10512: i must be missing something…

Why does it take 16,000 AirMiles to fly from here to here, when it only takes 4,600 AirMiles to fly from here?

Something is strange… n’est ce pas?

On another travel note, AC is offering unlimited flights over 2 months for $7,000… how much do you have to fly to make it worthwhile?

Monday, September 12

day 10511: introducing baconboy… ta-da…

He has a love of all things pork. He is pun-ny. He is funny, and his shirts smell really nice… because they’re laundered with TWO Bounce sheets…

He is BaconBoy, because to call him by the first nickname that popped into my head would be way too obvious. And, well, sometimes I just don’t feel like being obvious.

I think I’ve already said too much... ;)

Friday, September 9

day 10508: why are you forcing me to relive the pain?

I’ve put it behind me, and I’m trying to move on with my life. I’d really rather not relive the past. It doesn’t matter how I know what I know. But fact is fact. If someone is “man enough” to do something, he better be “man enough” to face the consequences.

I don't know anything about anyone else. Nor do I want to. I don't know who told other people about the situation between Triscuit and myself, but as far as I'm concerned it is between the two of us, and I don't want anyone else to go through what I've been going through. IF anyone goes through something similar, it will not be because of something that I've said.

Please don't make this a bigger deal than it already is.

If ANYONE is going through this blog looking for hints or clues… GET THE FCUK OUT OF HERE. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. FCUK OFF.

Thank you... and have a nice day.

Thursday, September 8

day 10507: psssttt...

I have a date tomorrow... :)

Wednesday, September 7

day 10506: deep in thought

... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 6

day 10505: i’m sorry...

Forgive me. I don’t understand.

It’s hard enough in this world to find someone who loves you as much as you love them, so why is it that some people insist on getting in the way. Love is not easy. Two people loving each other and staying together is not easy. So why make it even harder?

They deserve to be together. Fcuk the Romeo and Juliet crap.

Be strong. We're all behind you on this...

I'll drive the get-away car...

Saturday, September 3

day 10502: gotta love your friends...

... especially when they smack the forehead of the guy you're with, because kissing at the bar is just "too tacky."

Friday, September 2

day 10501: whoops, wrong number...

If the person ordering lunch called the wrong restaurant so that when we go to the restaurant to pick up lunch it's not there, and the first restaurant decides to send the food to the other restaurant by taxi... who should pay for the cab fare?

Have a good long weekend, boys and girls. I'm off to Timbuktu for a couple of days... back in a few.

Thursday, September 1

day 10500: something wonderful

Something wonderful was supposed to happen today.

Something wonderful did happen today... I realized that something wonderful will happen tomorrow.

I'm finally free.