Sunday, March 30

day 11437: and now, the time is near

I've waited anxiously for the past few months for this day to come, and now that it's finally here, I'm not really ready to step out and make the little hole in the sky my home.

I'm not packed. My little condo doesn't look like it's from the pages of a design magazine, and my kitchen-to-be is not even half the size of my current bakeshop in the basement.

Soon... the house warming party is soon...

Sunday, March 23

day 11430: sometimes even I wonder what the heck I've been smoking

I supposed I shouldn't have gorged myself at China Buffet King, but then again, it could have been the drugs I took before my nap that made me a little hallucinagenic... but, hey, I'm sicccckkkk and drugs are my best friend... BUT SUDDENLY, out of the wild blue yonder, I'm dreaming in technicolour and in music. I dreamt an entire musical starring Will Farrell, his privates (in a wierd painted puppetry of the wee-wee kind of way) and some relatively unknown actors.

The musical was about two students and darn it if it wasn't pretty good - they're studying late into the night and overhear a chemistry professor talking to someone else about taking over the world and how he's got his students working on different parts of his evil nefarious plan... but that's not the weird part. The weird part was the wierd painted puppetry of the wee-wee thing. There was a lot of body paint involved and they did a whole Sleepless in Seattle flying across the country bit with one guy painted like the USA and Will's wee-wee being painted like a plane.

Wait... it get's worse... at one point, Will bent over, stuck out his fingers and somehow, there was the American bald eagle symbol painted on his ass and his fingers were the talons.

Things are a little hazy, but I think you get my point... I'm certifiably looney and I blame the drugs. I need help...

Wednesday, March 12

day 11419: wishing on a star that i could still be far, far away

Monday, March 3

day 11410: man oh man, i lead a hard life

Off to surf Costa Rica. Back in a few.