Saturday, March 27

Day 9975 1/2: Little Pleasures

~ dancing barefoot in the grass after it rains
~ splashing in puddles wearing your “Sunday best”
~ a good laugh
~ sweet sugary breakfast cereal for dinner
~ hanging out with good friends
~ a drive in the country on a gorgeous summer day
~ fantasizing about the woodie you want in your room
~ picking up pebbles at the beach
~ waves washing over your feet, sand suckling at your toes
~ a campfire that lasts through the night
~ the quiet of freshly fallen snow
~ eating triscuits
~ running your tongue over your teeth just after you brush them
~ absently playing with someone’s hair
~ someone absently playing with your hair
~ a hot shower after a cold dragonboat practice
~ ice cold beer on a hot summer day
~ Popsicles in the middle of winter
~ random acts of kindness
~ a gentle caress down your back
~ dark red nail polish
~ a good deal on something you really want
~ reading a book under a tree in the summertime
~ summer afternoon naps
~ winter morning sleep-ins
~ driving fast with the windows open
~ the smell of freshly cut grass
~ the scent of thunderstorms
~ twirling
~ an unexpected tax refund
~ a good stretch
~ phone calls that last late into the night
~ opening a new tube of toothpaste
~ walking around the house in nothing but your underwear
~ good morning kisses from a cute and cuddly
~ coming home to clean house
~ postcards from the other side of the world…or the other side of town
~ catching up with old friends
~ the excitement of a new job
~ leaving for a trip
~ coming home after a vacation
~ a new haircut
~ an even tan
~ shaking sand out of your blankets and clothing
~ the salty smell of the ocean
~ the harsh cry of seagulls
~ unexpected text messages
~ giving presents that you know the person will love
~ the smell of a hardware store
~ classic movies on a cold winter day huddled under layers of blankets
~ finishing a project knowing that you’ve done well
~ soft baby skin
~ the lingering smell of baby powder
~ a sunny blue-sky-no-clouds-in-sight winter day
~ a freshly washed car
~ buying lunch for a homeless person
~ puppy breath
~ cute little hiccups
~ drinking wine on a patio in the summertime listening to the sax down the street
~ blowing bubbles on the big rock in Yorkville
~ maple syrup on a stick
~ a good total body massage
~ playing hooky
~ end of summer bonfires
~ the feeling that something good is about to happen

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