Monday, June 16

day 11515: you know, cuz I don’t have a crapload of other things to think about

Dear Ma,

I know that Sista’s wedding is coming up, and that’s the ONLY thing on your mind… but you know, I have a life too and I have other things to think about.

So, when I call you to tell you that the cardiologist told me this morning that my darling Tootsie-pop’s prognosis was not good and that that she is only a year or two away from congestive heart disease, the last thing on my mind is anything related to Sista’s wedding.

No offense, but when someone’s heart is breaking, a dress fitting really is the last thing on their mind.

Your timing is impeccable. Hell, at this moment, the way I’m feeling, I’m just going to duct tape the hem if I have to. Screw that.

Your other daughter,