Tuesday, February 24

day 11770: mad as punch

Recently, I have been so incredibly mad at the antagonists in my books that I want to jump in the pages and beat them up.

Sunday, February 22

day 11768: my story

Just as I think things are starting to go my way, life has a way of turning upside down.


Wednesday, February 4

day 11750: one sided conversation...

"Hey, how was your night? What were you up to? Me? Nothing really. Played some volleyball. Broke some guy's leg. You know, the usual."

Tuesday, February 3

day 11749: beaten to the punch

Gosh darn it... someone's already used "Lowered Expectations" as their plentyoffish nickname. pfft...

Sunday, February 1

day 11747: nagging at the back of my mind...

Change is in the air... I can feel it. Something is about to happen.