Thursday, November 27

Day 9855: Motivation or lack thereof

My friends - today, I feel like a log. I'm not sure whether it's because of the weather or whether it's because I'm trying to reassess my life (due to the upcoming B-day). But there appears to be no motivation to accomplish anything or even to do anything today. Hence the log.

I am ashamed to admit it. I live from paycheck to paycheck. I am perpetually in the poor house, even though I make a semi-decent living. I have everything I could possibly want. Live virtually rent free and yet, my monthly credit card charges are astronomical with nothing to show for it. My lifestyle is absurd - I eat out almost 7 days a week, I throw down a ton of money whenever I venture out of my house. I would give money to the poor, but I have a feeling, that they have a lot more than I do. Today, my bank account hit an all time low. HELP! Thank God I'm being paid tomorrow. But somehow, somewhere, this spending spree has got to end.

How can I be responsible for other people, when I can't even handle my own life?

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