Tuesday, December 2

Day 9860: The yesterday of today.

So yesterday's post got half lost. I had a whole spiel about... wellll... the rest of the year, since camping only got me up to August. But danged, if total non-techie me has no idea how to make this thing work properly.

*side note... my stomach is sooo happy right now... just had pho which I've been craving for a good coupla weeks now*

So, where was I? Ahhh, August. Girls' night out, trips to boonieville Ontario with great shopping results (i.e. Kabuki pants) and an okay play. I still owe someone money for those pants. Missed the killer toy store though - SOMEONE didn't bother telling me about it until AFTER I got back to TO. Oh well... couldn't have seen everything, or could I? Tres cute little patio where we had dinner and breakfast... and maybe lunch, too... I forget, with a definite Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn feel to it. Hang on a second. I have this little niggling feeling in the back of my mind that the place was called Sawyer's - wow... that explains a lot!

Deerhurst, deerhurst, deerhurst - not as obcenely packed as last year, but sleeping in a tent on the balcony was totally cool. Only did it for one night though - got a little toasted on Chouchen on the second night. :o) Oh, and must not forget drunken solo basketballing in the pitch dark with a black basket ball. I can dribble the ball 72 times IF I'm sitting on the floor, and I only use my finger tips. Hee hee... got stuck crawling through the fence one time... didn't tell anyone! Lots of lounging around that weekend! Great place to just hang and watch people (try) wakeboarding and kneeboarding... and being thrown into the water... SHARK!!!!

On a whim instead of battling cottage country traffic... first drive-in movie theater I've been to in at least 15 years - I think the last movie I saw in a drive-in was Joe vs. the Volcano. Long, long time ago. Playing frisbee until it got dark, and then swinging on the swings until it got even darker. T'was a fun, fun, fun, fun night. It's good to be spontaneous.

Crazy wedding weekend. Don't think I'll ever get married. At least, if I ever do, it's going to be a quiet, quiet tiny thing on a beach somewhere with only those who are nearest and dearest to my heart there... and those who want to pay for their own flights and accomodations. Funky. There's something lost if the wedding gets too large, but then, I guess it's worth it, when you see the B & G so freakingly happy. Am I a little jealous?

Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. I think my neighbours must be thinking that I'm a little weird, what with all the shouts and the shrieks and the screaming at the top of our lungs. But all that funny stuff aside, I'm rather proud (in a kind of patting my friends on the back, while I pat myself on the back way) of what we (Unsanitary Man, Sista, Bo, Binny, LZ) were able to accomplish. WE ROCKED!!!! Bringing Unsanitary Man's vision to life, must be honest, was a little difficult at times, but, hey... we succeeded and I can't wait until the next one! "Do you have a problem with that???!!!"

And then I had a vision. To be a pylon for Halloween. Your mission is to bring my vision to fruition... fun Halloween night, pumpkin-carving contest, funky costumes, Hooters girl, etc. etc. etc.

First ever pub crawl the next day after sista left for Dallas. Another night I will never forget... if I can remember all of it. Ended up in Lee's Palace - never been there before. Kicked out of the seediest bar on the crawl... never happened before... first time I... ummm... welllll... let's just say, there was many, many, many firsts that night. Some good, some bad... some never to be repeated... some... well... we'll see...

Then, there was was 11/03, and then 11/06... and then Binny's b-day Bash... which might have negated 11/03 and 11/06. Not sure. Don't know what's happening anymore. Just know that drinking is BAD!! And I don't intend to get drunk ever again!! No more TWH'g from now on... until the next time. :oP

And so that was my year. The new one will start tomorrow, but if there was ever a sign that it was going to be a good one, Sunday night's D & B was it! It's going to be a fantastically, amazing, wonderful year! I have the bestestest friends in the world!!! ...even though some of them are super sneaky... hee hee... You should all be jealous. I love them all! Happy early birthday to me... I love ya guys! :o)

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