Monday, December 8

Day...9866???: Damn...I'm losing count! Must be the age thingy.

Uncertainty. Everything about life is uncertain. Whether or not I feel like a sesame seed bagel for breakie or whether I feel like a poppy seed bagel for lunch. Whether I feel like skiing or whether I feel like snowboarding... boy A or boy B. In the overall scheme of things - does it really matter? By dinnertime, sesame seed bagel and poppy seed bagel will be but distant memories. By the end of the weekend, I'll be so tired that I wouldn't really care whether I skied or rode, but will be sooo happy that I won, and not the mountain... and well boy A or boy B... I guess that's a different story.

The other day, my mother decided to take it upon herself to lecture me about love. I guess because of the whole B-day thing and the whole late 20's issue she feels like I'm running out of time, and that I should settle down and start popping out the kiddies. Anyway, moral of the story is that I should be looking for someone who will love me more that I love him so that my heart will never be broken and he'll treat me like a princess forever. Sounds good in theory, but in reality... can't do it. No way, no how.

Here is my vow. I will never settle for someone that I do not love just because he will be a good "provider" for me and my family. I will never settle for someone that I do not love just because he will treat me like a princess forever. I will never, ever, ever settle for someone just because I'm getting desperate. (Not that I am). I will NEVER settle.

Love is not about who loves who more. Because at one point or another, one person will love a little more that he/she will be loved. Fights are inevitable. Things will happen that make one upset at another, and maybe for a split second, love the other person a little less. Love is not about keeping score.

I want the real thing. I want the sweaty palms, the funny feelings in the pit of your stomach, the butterflies... the works. Call me a romantic, but yes, I do want to be one of those couples that we all see and say..."I wish..." I don't need to be treated like a princess ALL the time. Just MOST of the time, and I'll be perfectly happy treating him like a prince forever. Call me a romantic. It'll happen. I'm a patient person...ahem... I'm waiting... :o)

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