Monday, March 8

Day 9956: All or nothing

Eleven hours on the road Friday night. Pouring rain Saturday morning. Brown dirt spots carved out of the snow by the slope groomers that look like long strips of poop all over the hill. Ice patches as big as tractor trailers. Idiot beginner snowboarders running people over… all in all… it was a good weekend. I have the bruises to prove it.

T’was a great weekend that I had, and hopefully that everyone else had. Sunday made up for all the crap and hell that went on Friday and Saturday. It was T-shirt warm. The sun was shining. There was freshly fallen snow, and the jumps were grand with perfect soft landings. Great jump pictures – some worthy of Transworld magazine (yes, I am patting myself on the back… as the photographer, and not the jumper). Definitely well worth the trouble of organizing the trip.

That said, I will never organize another trip again. All or nothing… that’s the way it goes, baby.

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