Monday, April 5

Day 9986: Mor-on ya' then in ya'...

I have a special knack with coffee. Second Cup, Starbucks, it doesn't really matter. But once that white plastic lid goes on, it all goes downhill from there. As usual, there's more coffee on me, than in me.

Coffee is hot, thus slap on the little cardboard holder-thingy (I know what it's called... somewhere at the back of my mind). Don't want to spill the precious caffeine, thus slap on the plastic lid... the one that's raised so that you can "protect" your ooey-gooey caramel macchiato, caramel coretto whipped cream fatty-diet-busting-goodness. Once done, you would think that you're set to go... but oh no...

Because the coffee is too hot for my tender tastebuds, I usually refrain from indulging within the first 5 minutes. Somehow, this gives the whipped cream/foam to settle and for the coffee level to rise. And since I'm on the go, looking for keys, flagging a cab, ends up, every little movement of coffee holding arm sends said coffee sloshing against the lid. And inevitably, some finds it's way out of that tiny little hole that you're supposed to drink from. What a joke.

Thus far, two of my favourite items of clothing have succumbed to this evil sabotage by the caffeine dispensing corporations not to mention the ones I've been able to salvage... I swear they own shares in my favourite clothing stores.

:( Boo... this month's drycleaning bill will be astronomically high... all $14 of it.

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