Wednesday, April 7

Day 9988: All-time low...

lame-o #1:

I just weighed the pros and cons of using

pro: it's convenient
con: I live across the street from a 24hr grocery store

Damn... what is my world coming to? I don't even eat at home.

lame-o #2:

We have an office playoff hockey pool. Lame-o me decides, sure, I'll pick a team. And so I picked a great team. Lots of Toronto, lots of Detroit, lots of New Jersey and a couple of San Jose... and Serge Federov of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks did not make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs. boo... there goes my $25.

Hopefully, though, because I emailed the pool-guy before the first face off with my new pick, I get a freebie trade. But, still, BOOOOOOOO!!!

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