Monday, June 14

Day 10055: Dear me...

The cable went out, the Internet died... no one was home and if they were, they weren't picking up the phone. I'm bored, all alone save for the sleeping dog, and listening to Gladiator in the background because I'm too impatient to sit and watch it again. It was the first dvd I ever bought - even before I had a dvd player... how strange. I don't even really like that movie. Hopefully I did back then.

The big b-day surprise for Triscuit was fantastic. I should have realized that he IS the MOST unobservant person in the world - seeing as how I had the Prince tickets on the dining room table in plain view for two weeks... wrapping is wasted on him - he's just happy to have received a box (with nothing in it...). Silly boy. Silly, silly boy... but he's my silly boy.

... dear me... I think I've fallen for him... crap.

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