Wednesday, September 29

day 10163: one month, $205 and counting…

Life is funny in a way. If we pay attention, we should see the little instances and nuances that help us realize if we are doing right or wrong. Most of us miss these signs (I admit to being completely guilty of that), but they exist nonetheless.

Sometimes we might not see them right away. We might even see them when it’s too late and the shit is about to hit the fan. We may realize years down the road what the indicators were, but alas, we cannot rewind the tape and go back in time.

One of The Alchemist lessons is to remember to pay attention to the details. Look for the signs and interpret them to see what it is you are doing, and what it is you should be doing. We may miss them or we might see them and choose to ignore them. It’s really up to the individual to figure out for themselves what it is they wish to take out of it.

A few months back, I tried to fulfill a promise to Triscuit’s mother that I made way back in June when things were still good and everyone was still happy. Triscuit has a sign hanging from the tree in front of his house that says “Leo G.” (i.e. his uncle who he named himself after). So I promised Triscuit’s mother that I would find a place that would make signs and have one made with Triscuit’s name to hang right underneath.

I searched high and low for months (even after we broke up, because in my mind, a promise is a promise) with no success. I drove around the fair Ontario countryside, popped my head into pine and rough wood furniture shops, went to Home Depot, Rona, Lansing… you name it, I think I did it. The finally about a month ago, on one of my million-and-one internet searches for “name signs,” “country signs,” “mailbox signs” etc., SUCCESS. I found a man who carves signs made to order… all for a low, low quoted price of $205.

What the heck, I thought. He’s been super nice, helped me pack up my house in less and a week, drove my truck and moved me in, made sure I was settled before he went partying “cheap drinks, pretty girls… you had me at cheap…” I’ll give it to him as a kind of happy house warming (he moved in June) *slash* thank you gift.

A month, the woodcarver said. A month, and you’ll have the sign, all freshly painted and pretty with a special coat of sunscreen varnish. Nothing was too nice for the boy.

Well, time has passed and things have happened. Delivery was supposed to be next Thursday in front of the box office of Roy Thompson Hall. Only, Mr. Woodcarver just called me and said that there was a crack in the wood, and he just wasn’t so happy about it, and there was no way in tarnation that he was going to give me the sign.

I had so wanted to close the book on that chapter in my life. Now I have to wait another month. Another eternity.

Had I read the signs properly, I would have realized earlier… I didn’t really want to order the “TLHUGH” sign… what I really wanted to order was “FUHUGH.”

I hope it’s not too late to change my order. I’m not bitter at all.

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