Monday, October 4

Day 10168: thanksgiving…

*sigh*… What good is a long weekend if you don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do?

Thanksgiving weekend is fast approaching. Save for the flying lesson and a potential b-day dinner that “may-or-may-not” be rescheduled, I’m planless. How ironic. For all the days that I’ve been crazily running around, the weekend that I should be out of town running around doing silly pointless things like shopping or sightseeing, I’m not.

Why? Because good ‘ole new-monkeyco has requested that I don’t leave town… “just in case.” Fantastic.

[ed note: NOTE SARCASM]

Instead, I’m stuck in the city sans familia as my mother is going down to La-la land to spend some quality time with the Sista before she departs on yet another Caribbean cruise and HK for a month! Whew!

So I’m thinking maybe I should play tourist in my own fair city. Take one of those hop-on-hop-off bus tours, spend the day in Yorkville eating fresh baked pastries and drinking steaming lattes on the patio while reading some highly-touted-book-about-absolutely-nothing, go to Queen St West and go shopping in the Fashion District or go to Gerrard St somewhere to buy some sari cloth to cover my f-ugly grey IKEA rolly shelves and eventually, when my feet are tired and my eyes are shiny from the autumn sunshine, I’ll find a place that serves turkey dinners to other fellow lonelies and strike up a conversation with whoever happens to sit on my left.

Pub crawl anyone?

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