Thursday, October 7

day 10171: in memory of a legend...

I received a distressing SMS from BMW last night. King's Noodles in Chinatown is closed. For good. Don't know why. King's Noodles where late night food is guaranteed hot and good. King's Noodles where we grew up buying the barbeque pork and roasted duck hanging in the window, where the bright orange octopus parts gleamed in sweaty display under the heat lamps, where the yellow cladded waitstaff were always hustling and bustling, but always remained relatively polite for an Asian restaurant. King's Noodles who is the ultimate supplier of downtown comfort food... of which I need lots.

How sad.

I never even got to say goodbye...

~ we used to stand outside the window after Chinese school, waiting for the mothers to come back ladened with the weekly groceries. The kids were herded in, we'd order our favourites and read books and play cards until the food came.

~ it was where my dad and my aunt shared a table in typical Chinese "dap toi" styles and didn't even realize it until they were both finished eating and looked up from their empty bowls. Yes, the food was that good that you just want to stuff yourself with more and more until your belly was full and your insides to the point of bursting.

~ it's the restaurant that everyone knows... even the non-Asians at work talk about it

~ it's where Triscuit and I went after "Moving-John-Holland" when we missed the fireworks because "someone" forgot the key fob in the condo and we were locked in the parking garage.

~ it's where we went after Duckie practices sometimes when Sunnyside cafe wasn't open and it was still too cold to sit outside on the patio

~ we went there after we moved BMW - he, his friend Sel, and I... the night before the Centre Island race and we were running through Chinatown looking for a Vietnamese sandwich store that was still open at 10pm because I promised that I'd feed the team the next day.

~ it's where we went after BMW and ICBBQ killed LZ and her boy in tennis and won a free lunch... I was just along for the ride... :)

~ we bought ICBBQ's congee there last weekend on the day he got sick and had to bail on his own housewarming party... remember that?

Oy, the memories...

Goodbye King's Noodles. I'll miss you. May you resurrect one day.

Somewhere. Soon.

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Anonymous said...

King's Noodles is open again, newly renovated. I walked past it yesterday. Please go and check it out. I am not sure whether there is a change of management or not.