Friday, October 22

day 10186: when worlds collide

Previously, whenever people (specifically BMW) bitched and complained about their worlds colliding, I rolled my eyes, said "whatever, don't worry about it... you're just being anal" and went on my merry way. You see, it wasn't so much a lack of sympathy, or a lack of understand... no, it was more a lack of truly experiencing the feelings that you get when you find out that the world is a lot smaller than you'd like it to be, and people that you never thought you'd see in certain situations pop up when you least expect it.

I apologize from the bottom of my heart, BMW.

It is quite traumatizing. I'm sorry I failed to completely understand your anxiety.

As I was tying in for a 5.8 overhang last night, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye... a cousin who I hadn't seen for 8 years before my grandfather's funeral in May. A cousin I hadn't planned on seeing for another 10 years or so.

I thought I was seeing things. Unfortunately, I was not.

This cousin decided to start climbing two months ago because his "friend" climbed and he had nothing to do with his weekday spare time. This cousin's "friend" is also friends with one of my climbing friends for whom I was trying to find a replacement pharmacy student earlier on in the year.

Ick. Small world, eh?

And guess what, it gets worse...

This cousin also works at the same monkeyco as Triscuit and knows Triscuit, though he doesn't know about Triscuit history.

Suffice it to say, I was completely freaked out to the point of major distraction. I fell off the roof overhang, did big swings, gave little girlie-girl screams of "AHHH" as I free fell until John caught me. Fell a billion times off a couple of boobi-ful yellow 5.10a's and generally wouldn't have had a good climbing night had I not finally finished the 11b.

My worlds are colliding and I'm scared. Someone hold me. Please?

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