Thursday, December 9

day 10234: lelevator goin’ upppp…

8:26… I’m running late. I should be at work in four minutes and it’s not going to happen. I still have to take Dawg upstairs, grab the knapsack, take the elevator back down, walk the 20 minutes, stop off for coffee and then wait for the only working elevator in our building.

Oh look, someone’s just getting on the elevator. If Dawg and I run for it, we’ll just make it. Hold the door please?!

I run over, jam my arm into the door, and let Dawg in. Kid is standing inside bawling his eyes out. Dad looks at me, looks at Dawg. They’re going to the 26th floor. I’m going to 12th. Door closes. Kid continues to cry. Blubbery-snot-like… not a pretty sight.

“We’re going to mmmmm…” He stutters. Poor kid can’t even speak because he’s crying so hard. He rubs at his eyes with his gloved hands. Skeleton hands? Huh? Where’s the rest of the costume? “We’re going to mmmmm…. mmmm…. mmmmiss the boat…”

“You shouldn’t have left your knapsack upstairs then.” Dad speaks softly not placating his teary-eyed child, but not scolding either. A case of Dad knows there’s plenty of time, but he’s teaching Kid a lesson.

“We’re going to mmmmiss the boat…” More tears, more sniffling.

Ahhh, the guilt…I’m making it even harder on Kid by stopping on the 12th floor. If only I waited for the next elevator. I look at Dawg, Dawg looks at me and paws my leg. No, Dawg, wet nose kisses are not going to help today. Thanks anyway.


Elevator stops at my floor. We run out, the sound of wet sniffles muted by the closing doors.

I feel guilty as I drop Dawg off and gather up my stuff. I would hate to be Kid. But still, I can’t stop thinking that maybe I should blog about it… nah… poor kid missing his boat. I wonder if he goes to the Island School, or if it's a field trip. Eek... I'd hate to miss a field trip.

Go back to the elevator, press the button. Door slides open almost instantaneously.

I walk in. Dad and Kid… knapsack in hand.


Round two.

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