Tuesday, February 8

day 10295: show me some luvin’

Princess-poop-a-lot craves… no… DEMANDS attention. She paws at you when she wants to be picked up. She rolls over onto her back when she wants her tummy rubbed… she’ll even jump onto your lap when you sit down for a pee.

She knows the perfect way of achieving maximum response with minimum effort. She lies in wait, oh so patiently, for the moment that your eyes flutter open… then all hell breaks loose and she’s at it again… nudging her head into your hand and licking at your fingertips if you don’t react quickly enough to give her the morning pat.

And when you try to ignore her, because you’re “occupied elsewhere,” she runs to the garbage can, tips it over with a loud clatter and starts pawing and nosing nosily at the contents. You can’t help but stop doing what you’re doing to look over… and then all hell breaks loose again.

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