Friday, February 11

day 10298: get with the times

So Charles and Camilla are getting married. And the world has gone into a righteous uproar whipped up by a media bored with disaster and war.

Should they? Should they not? What kind of title is she getting…princess…duchess…?

Who really cares.

Good for them that they finally have the guts to stand up and marry for love. Everyone deserves to be with someone they love. Circumstances of birth aside, they’re just people – ordinary people who are entitled to leading their own lives and making their own choices.

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, being “royal” is just like being born into a job.

Agreed, there are certain responsibilities, images etc that they have to maintain, and a lifestyle they have to commit to. But, at the end of the day, when the lights turn off and they go to bed, they just want to reach out for someone they love to cuddle up with.

They dream just like everyone else does.

So get off their backs. It’s no big deal. What they may have or may not have done when Di was still alive is moot. Forgive and forget and let them move on.

Go bug someone else for a change... save the whales, preserve the rainforest... and whatever else we haven't heard about for a while...

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