Monday, February 21

day 10308: who knew????????????

Who knew nine months ago that my monkeyco would be my downfall. Maybe I should have expected it when my boss told me that I wasn't allowed to quit drinking.

I have yet to return "home" to my hotel room unscathed from a night out with co-leagues from my monkeyco (and monkeyco senior). It's only Monday night, and already, I am blushing a rather becomingly-drunken pink (complete with blood shot eyes). I've tettered on my three inch heels, and you can consider all the chocolate chip cookies officially stolen from the front desk.

In Connecticut less than 24 hours and already "what happens on the road stays on the road..." has become a favourite saying. But just to tease you...

"Are you going to fry my pie?"
"I've got to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... someone open a window!!"
"Is the seat warm?"
"I'll strangle you gently..."
"Yo, this must be one HELL of a drinking town."
"Let's go visit MARTHA!!!!!!!!!!!"
"You can chimmy anything? What about my Guinness?"

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