Monday, March 7

day 10322: violated (almost)

We went because someone told us that we had a 1-in-16 chance of winning a two year lease on a Mercedes. They actually wanted to sell us timeshare. There was no hope in hell of winning a two year lease on a Mercedes. It wasn’t 1-in-16… it was more like 1 in a drawerful of keys.

“That guy just told them that they’re in extreme financial difficulty!” my mom whispered. “Maybe we should just tell them the same thing.”

“Why don’t we just tell them that we don’t fly?”

“Because they have places in Collingwood… you don’t have to fly to go to Collingwood.”

“Yeah, but you don’t drive on the highway. So you don’t drive on the highway, and I’m afraid to fly, so we can’t go anywhere…” That was the plan.

They called us into the room, told us to pick our prizes (2 nights stay in Tremblant, and a dinner for two… oh-yeah-baby) and sent us on our merry way. No sales pitch, nothing. Just thanks for coming, have a nice day, etcetera, etcetera.

Wow. We weren’t violated. They didn’t try to high-pressure-sales-tactic us into buying timeshares! Whooo hooo! We beat the system!

And all because we’re single… bonus.

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bullpen larry said...

where do we sign up for this?? have to take advantage of this loophole!