Friday, April 1

day 10347: randomisc.

o This weekend I very firmly plan on baking at least 6 dozen doggy cookies just for the heck of it. I’m thinking I’ll start a little business selling cookies out of the Beach House shed this summer.

o Why am I on Papal death watch? I won’t even admit to being Catholic… damn my morbid curiosity. I also sat and watched CNN non-stop the day JFK Jr.’s plane went down.

o Last night, instead of watching a movie, Triscuit and I went to the LCBO. He almost passed out from shock when I told him about the possible strike. He then grabbed a cart and starting filling it with “necessities.” There were a lot of “necessities.”

o Because I only started budgeting on Wednesday, this week I still have $46.45 left in the food budget (until Monday morning). Technically, if I was to count from Monday, I would have $0.32, but I’m giving myself a little leeway in week one. So far so good. Now, too bad about the hockey stick, the taxi ride, the Swiss Chalet delivery last night, and the magazines I bought yesterday. Whoops. Bonus though, all the alcohol I bought last night was on GIFT CERTIFICATES. Whoopie!

o Scary. Monday afternoon 5:15, I had $175 in LCBO gift certificates. Thursday night, 8:15… I had $0.

o One second he’s talking about my lack of an ice cube tray, and the next second, he’s referring to himself as my boyfriend. Hm.

o I’m addicted to grapefruit.

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