Monday, April 25

day 10371: the day in which i take the step towards my new career because last night i dreamt i was fired…

I’ve been having a whole whack of crazy ass dreams these days. In the past weekend, I’ve dreamt of assembling wheelchairs, sanding plaster off the wall, and other weird and wonderful things. Last night’s dream tops the charts though.

I dreamt I was fired. It seemed so realistic, that I woke up in a fit of what-am-I-going-to-do-now panic. In my dream, my boss wasn’t forthcoming about the whole firing issue and ended up hemming and hawing about it in front of an elderly age-spotted-client named “Mr. Love.” Someone from HR walked into the meeting and said something akin to “I guess it’s goodbye then.” And that was it.

I was jobless; canned on the spot and embarrassed beyond belief.

All this happened on a day that a comet was soaring through the sky. My cousin was watching it from a rooftop and I was supposed to join her. Instead, we crashed a party and met Mr. Love (before the firing incident) who somehow developed a soft spot for me. How could he not?

So at the meeting, Mr. Love voiced his outrage and offered to hire me instead. For what job, what position, doing what, I have no clue whatsoever. I could have said yes to being his love slave for all I know. I think he had a resume/technical writing business and I was to be his heir apparent.

All I know is that once I put my pink plaid jacket and laptop bag into the trunk of his really old yellow Mercedes convertible, my alarm went off (again) and I woke up disoriented and thinking that things are going to be changing really soon.

How prophetic.

Seriously though, what bugged me the most… WHY THE HECK COULDN’T I COME UP WITH A BETTER NAME INSTEAD OF “MR. LOVE.”

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