Monday, May 9

day 10385: that’s when i said… “there’s no point to being crazy jealous bitch”

The day of the bonfire, Triscuit’s roommate (for who I still haven’t found a suitable nickname, btw) awoke with news that the bar he tends on Saturday nights was hiring another part-time tender. My first thought, of course, was “Whooo hooo!!! Yes, yes… me! me! me!” were completely knocked to the ground. Roomie wanted to relive the best-of-buds glory days from way-back-when (i.e. 18 years and a lifetime ago) and bartend with Triscuit by his side.

Fun and games, he claimed. An AWESOME time… can you remember the good ‘ole days?

Of course Triscuit whole-heartedly agreed. After all, he’s been instrumental in telling me how fun bartending would be and how everyone should do it at least one time in their lives. If not for the tips that I could make with my smile and my um… assets… then for the life experience.

So when he told me today that he had asked Roomie to speak with Bar-Boss for him and tried to justify it by saying that it was an opportunity to get back into the restaurant business should the whole programming thing fall through, I surprised myself by being strangely mature about it.

I expressed my concerns, talked about his scheduled sailing lessons Friday nights, and the bartending gig Saturday nights and how with my softball games on Tuesdays, we’d never really see each other any more except on climbing days (which really isn’t enough bonding time seeing as how climbing day is one big rush-around day). We talked about girls at the bar, flirting with said-girls at the bar and how it was okay to flirt with said-girls at the bar so he can get bigger tips, but how unhappy I would be if he actually went beyond the flirting and how OVER it would be if he actually brought someone home.

That’s when I said… “There’s no point to being crazy jealous bitch.”

(Being jealous is overrated. It really is. It sucks the energy and life out of you and makes you end up feeling and acting like the bitch you don’t want to be. I know from experience. Besides, it’s completely pointless. Being jealous isn’t going to stop anything from happening. You just kill yourself with the whosits and whatnots.)

And then we started talking about how cool I was and how I was going to use all my monkeyco connections to try to get a bartending gig myself… in a club… downtown… where the drinks flow faster and the tips are a lot fatter…

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teahouse said...

I say go for it! Bartending is a skill I wish I had a firmer grasp over. I think girl bartenders are sexy. That is my dream job...