Friday, June 3

day 10410: "blonde moment"

The largest AA convention in history is being held in Toronto. Right. Now. An estimated 50,000 to 75,000 is expected to converge upon the Weston Harbour Castle for their "meetings."

That's my hood. I'm going to be surrounded by thousands of teetotallers... me... scary...

But what scares me more was my first thought when I found out:

Crap... the clubs are going to be PACKED today... how are we going to get into Shmooze?

Then it clicked. AA. Alcoholics Anonymous. Whoops.

Oh, and this was just after I shoved my foot into the garbage can. I'm on a roll.

1 comment:

teahouse said...

That's funny. I guess the bars will be pretty deserted all weekend! Just avoid coffee shops..