Friday, June 24

day 10431: sometimes i wish i was just a little wittier...

That way, when a guy bumps into me from behind while I'm standing on the street corner waiting for the light to change, turns, glares at me and says "Excuse me..." glares at me again, and says "Excusssse meeeee..." I can say, "Hey, no problem, asswipe-with-the-problem-walking-straight... just make sure that it doesn't happen again."

Instead of just standing there staring at him in utter confusion and then finally stammering, "Um. Excuse me?" while two tourist onlookers watch and giggle.

Then when the tourists turn to you and say, "Excuse him..." you don't look at THEM in utter confusion and say, "Whatever..."

Heck... I'm still confused. Did he want me to say "You're excused?" cuz things like that just don't come out of my mouth and fcuk that, he was obviously the one who walked into me in the first place...

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