Wednesday, August 24

day 10492: indisputable proof on how instant messaging has led to the degradation of the engrish language

splash!!: KFC handy wipes smell like a bad chinese restaurant bathroom.
splash!!: :(
I’m a bad foster parent: ew… your hands smell like poo! :P
splash!!: worse… like old pee and fake lemons!
I’m a bad foster parent: I think poo smells worse
splash!!: old pee reeks…
I’m a bad foster parent: i wouldn't know, i flush before it gets old
splash!!: if it's yellow, let it mellow... j/k... chinese bathroom smell is old pee smell... and cheap cleanser.
I’m a bad foster parent: true nuff. cuz the toilets aren't hooked up to actual plumbing, it's just a hole in the ground under the seat!
splash!!: yo, that's just gross!!
splash!!: I am so blogging this...

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teahouse said...

Hey, they do say that raw lemons are the best natural cleansing agent..and cheap, too!