Friday, March 24

day 10703: giving back

A bunch of us were feeling magnanimous last night and volunteered to do tax returns for kids at one of the children’s charities in the city… it was a complete and utter blast. The kids were cool, funny, and, well, it sure beats staying home and cleaning up after the contractors’ mess…

Schmassion: Are you married, divorced, single, common-law…?
Kid 1: I’m single. You single?
Schmassion: I’m here to do your tax return, not pick you up.
Kid 1: Too bad. You still in school? How old are you?
Schmassion: Too old for you. Do you have any kids?
Kid 1: No. Do you? Want some?

Kid 2: Yeah, but I’m cute. Don’t you think I’m cute?
Schmassion: Dude, you’re thirteen. Come back in three years.
Kid 2: Fine.
*two seconds later*
Kid 2: I’m back… and I’m still cute.
Schmassion: Why don’t you go get a cookie?


Woe said...

So you'll date a 16-year old kid? Nice...

teahouse said...

Oh, gosh..Watch out. I can see the headline!

You thought the female teachers were preying on the students? Check ou the latest - a tax preparer has sex with a 13-year-old!! Details at 11!

schmassion said...

Hey! I did tell him to come back in 3 years... he'd be 16 by then... and it'd be legal... lol... ew...