Tuesday, April 25

day 10735: well meaning, but very misguided “friends” who really only want to ride in the limo

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From: Misguided [mailto:misguided@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 2:15 PM
To: matchmakertv@hotmail.com
CC: Misguided#2
Subject: Dear MatchMaker

Our friend Schmassion is a beatiful asian woman who right now stuck in a rut. She's dated several guys and none of them has really worked out. She thinks most men are intimidated by her active lifestyle, whether it's playing hard(rock climbing/snowboard) or partying hard(she's an accountant, enough said).

My friend Misguided#2 and I think we can pick the right guy for her. She rather hesitant about letting two male friends pick, but since she gone through all our friends, we thought we try some strangers off the street. Is there an application form you could send me? I have pictures and all revelant info.


My response… WTF?!!!!!!!!! Strangers off the street???!!! No way, no how. Thank goodness they stopped filming MatchMaker.

Oh, and FYI, I DID NOT go through all their friends!!! ... only two...


jay said...

hahhahahahaha.... that's awesome...

i saw a guy i knew on matchmaker once... t'was mucho funny... c'mon schmassion... go on it!! =)

schmassion said...

um. no.