Wednesday, July 12

day 10813: oh me, oh my…

Dear Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation,

I believe you’ve made a mistake in your last 649 draw. The numbers should have been 02 15 19 23 17 39.

I thought we had an agreement. I buy a ticket and my numbers come up. I win $10 million, and you fleece another $20 million out of the “losers.” We both come out on top.

I demand an explanation. You reneged on our deal. Did someone offer you more than the $2 that I paid? Did they, perhaps, play encore?

Damn you. I was really looking forward to my $10 millon.



1 comment:

teahouse said...

Sorry to hear that the lotto winning/early retirement thing didn't work out for you.

I really think you should sue them for breach of promise!