Thursday, September 21

day 10884: what’s your mcbeef?

Questions du jour:

1. What’s in my McPatty that it only costs $0.04 to upgrade from a cheeseburger to a double cheeseburger? Is it really beef? Should I be scared?

2. Can McD really make a profit on my $0.04 beef patty? Should I be scared?

3. Where in the world is McD’s finding such cheap cows? What kind of crazy-ass mad cows are these? Should I be scared?

4. Why does it cost me $0.10 to get an extra dipping sauce for my McNuggets where it only costs me $0.04 for a “meat product”? Should I be scared?

5. Why do I sound like a crazy-ass cheapo accountant? I’m scared.

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