Thursday, October 19

day 10912: blog stalking

I could tell you that I didn’t mean to - that I didn’t start out with the intention of stalking - but you won’t believe me. Had the situation been reversed and I told that to myself, I probably won’t believe myself either.

One site led to another which led to another which led to yet another. I started looking for restaurant recommendations, and ended up finding the blogs of Triscuit’s co-workers.

Sadist that I am, I went through their archives trying to find out details about his wedding to Really-Annoying-Girl (aka Bitch Chick).

On the flip side, strange as this may sound, I know they’re stalking me too


teahouse said...

It can be hard to resist..but I say try to. It will make things easier.

I was in a similar situation once. And I really do believe that ignorance is bliss. Be strong!

schmassion said...

thanks for the pep talk! i'm really over it. just couldn't resist. self torture, but in a good way... i'm so much better off