Sunday, November 26

day 10948: blessed

If one were to measure wealth in terms of friendship, I would rank right up there with the Bill Gates of the world. My friends are amazing and wonderful beyond words, going to the extreme to make this a birthday to remember.

This week, I’ve been wined, dined, kidnapped, and surprised more than ever before. It started with an AYCE sushi extravaganza, ended with a private magic show and somewhere in between I was stuffed into a car, driven to Niagara and put ontop a mechanical bull. It’s been fantastic.

Thank you for making this one of the best birthday weeks of my life. I am truly blessed by having the best friends in the world.

(Details and pictures to come... as soon as they send them to me.)


teahouse said...

Hey, happy birthday!! Sounds like you do have wonderful friends. Good friends are a blessing more precious than gold.

schmassion said...

Thanks! :) They're wicked.