Monday, December 11

day ?????: from golfito, costa rica


I think it´s Monday. No idea except that the turtle portion of our trip is over. We´re still alive, and I loathe to return to civilization.

More later, it´s someone else´s turn to use this computer... connection is slowwwwww...

I´d say that I wish you were here, but that´s way too cliche. Besides, I´d just be rubbing it in that you´re not. ;)

Hasta luego


jasmin said...

Hey there,
I found this blog after hearing your bagel story on Metro Morning.
I did sign your petition, but find I'm WAY more interested in saving turtles in Costa Rica.
I went to the link you provided, but would looooove to hear a first-person account of how it all went down.

schmassion said...

... turtle stories to come... but to clarify on the bagel packaging petition, I only just found out about it... thatºs what happens when youºre stuck in the middle of nowhere Costa Rica.