Tuesday, January 2

day 10985: simply too easy going

It only took me 30 years and 28 days to realize that I don't like hotdogs. I probably knew it before, but somehow it never occurred to me how much I actually dislike them. So I started making a list of everything else that I don't like, and this is what I've come up with (thus far)...

- hotdogs
- dried scallops
- squid
- uncertainty
- waiting for people
- guilt
- disappointing someone or being disappointed
- dishonesty
- pretense and insincerity
- obligations
- being around too many people
- bell peppers
- complaining (but I do it anyway)
- procrastinating (but I do it anyway)
- feeling trapped
- fried bananas
- conflict
- jealousy
- the blame game
- secrets
- ending friendships
- disorganization
- interuptions
- the colour purple
- seamonkeys
- bourbon, sambuca, anisette, absinthe, silver tequila

To be fair, I also started a list of things that I do like, but funny how it is, the list is not nearly as long as the things I don't like...

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