Thursday, January 18

day 11001: public service announcement

Thanks to the anonymous dude who told a friend that borrowed a picture off my foodblog without me knowing about it. I've written them a friendly email asking them to cease and desist.

Remember friends, stealing sucks, and it sucks more if someone's making money off what they're stealing - especially now 'cuz I'm pulling 14+ hour days, and I'm not getting a penny for the ten seconds it took out of my busy life to take that picture. Not that it's about the money. It's never about the money. It's all about the bragging rights.

So, if you're the stealer, bad karma on you.

Anonymous dude... you rock. I *heart* you.

[As an aside, can I say how minorly peeved I am that people used my picture and my foodblog to promote their personal cause? I was talking SUCKY BAGELS, people, not sucky packaging.]

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schmassion said...

Update... it's gone. Wow. That was fast. Props, man...