Wednesday, June 20

day 11153: trying to honour my spirit

I should be climbing tonight. But my spirit says to listen to the body if not the mind. The body is tired still from the weekend, and my left hip socket/ass feels out of whack from our amazing Blackouts playoff victory yesterday night. The mind wants to be on a patio somewhere sipping on something that will send the body on a caloric death spiral.

I think I'm going to listen to the spirit. I'm heading home for a run.


k said...

i think i'm going to go for a run too. the maternal one is bugging me to settle down and buy a house. with what frickin $1.2M that i have just lying around waiting to buy a starter home in this crazy city that's going down in the next earthquake anyway?? Sorry, i know this is your blog, not mine. Back to the point. i think i'm going to go for a run too. i miss you!

schmassion said...

Frustrated... intentions were good. Body will not cooperate. Hip/ass whatever is more hurt than I realized. Crap. Wedding (not mine) in less than 3 weeks.

Did I mention before I hate weddings and being in wedding parties? Too much pressure to look good... *sigh*