Saturday, July 14

day 11176: "piyo's water just broke... there is no baby shower today!"

Like Piyo, it seems that baby Kaitlynne will be one step ahead of her peers. Forget making an entrance, she's making her statement... three weeks early! How can there possibly be any more drama than that! Not yet born, and a drama princess already!

Good timing, little one. You saved your Mama an afternoon of sampling baby food and identifying dirty diapers. But you also made her miss the cake that I was planning on surprising her with.

That just means I promise you something more spectacular on your first birthday. And because I love you already, I'll endure all of Monday's ribbing and teasing about my ticking biological clock when I bring the leftover cake to work.

(ps... check out more pics of kaitlynne's ark, cuz I worked damned hard on it, and someone has to see it!)


k said...

Cute cute cute!! Wow!! What a great cake! You shoud join that cake co. on Ace of Cakes. Or start a franchise. They're amazing! :)

k said...

(BTW, "They" in "They're amazing!" refers to your cakes. Your cakes are soooooo awesome! :)

schmassion said...

hahaha!!! and I thought I was the only one in the family that watches a little too much food porn! :D Thanks, sis!