Wednesday, November 28

day 11313: monday, wednesday dread

It begins again. Wednesday night and I'm filled with dread. It's climbing night, or rather, it's supposed to be climbing night. But I haven't felt like going to the gym for the past six months/ year or so. I'm not quite sure why.

I'm not sure I enjoy it anymore. There's too much of a constant pressure to be better. My body doesn't take the strain well. I'm always injured. I can't climb as well or as hard as I used to.

But I think I dread it because it's not a sanctuary for me anymore. Hasn't been since we switched from the old Monday, Thursday schedule. Fcukers.

I'd much rather go home and veg on the couch while eating salty goodies, but then I'll get even fatter and I'll be single forever.


teahouse said...

Hmm..if you find yourself dreading climbing, maybe you should consider finding another hobby? I'm kind of at a crossroads right now myself. I started doing martial arts, but lately I've been not looking forward to it. I think I am dreading my master; he's mean and yells a lot and reminds me of my boss.

My point is, it should be fun and stress relief. If it's not, maybe make a change?

jay said...

happy only-getting-younger day today, schmassion!

schmassion said...

Thanks Jay! I've decided that I've stopped aging. 29 forever. :D