Thursday, January 31

day 11378: zip this

I’ve been trying to be economically conscious these days so I’ve been packing a lunch to eat at my desk at Monkeyco. (Once I’m here my lazy ass doesn’t like to be parted from my comfy cracked faux leather seat.)

Admittedly, I’m not as environmentally conscious as I am economically conscious, so occasionally I’ll stuff my handful of grapes or cookies into a Ziploc bag instead of toting around a skunky old Tupperware container. However, dog-owner that I am, I do save my baggies to use as future poop-and-scoop props.

Except I forgot that living with the maternal one has made me an incredible lazy dog owner who just lets her dog poop all over the front lawn. Now I have a growing collection of slightly used Ziploc bags at my desk that I’m not quite sure what to do with.

Maybe I should post them on Craigslist.


Woe said...

Huh? So does that mean there's doggy do all over your front lawn?

schmassion said...

little dog = little poops... eventually it all gets shovelled into the flower beds or the green bin.