Saturday, February 23

day 11401: jumping outside my box

Two things I never thought I'd ever do:

1) Go to an all asian networking function.

2) Give up meat for Lent.

Giving up meat was a lot easier.


teahouse said... what was the problem going to the all Asian networking function? Was everyone not Asian?

Giving up stuff for Lent is tough. I gave up charging things on credit cards. It's been tough.

schmassion said...

Large groups of asian people scare me... I don't know why and I don't know how, but I get really uncomfortable in when I'm surrounded by my own peeps... it's like they can read my mind...

D & Z. said...

2 things about all asians

-they get rice pumped into them intravenously

-they can read thoughts

-and they won't fucking free the Tibetan people, those fucking swine of a pathetic race...