Monday, August 18

day 11579: chasing the dream… the token Olympics post

I’ve always wanted to be in the Olympics. Never mind that there isn’t a particular sport that I excel at (or am even half decent at, for that matter), I still want to live the dream. I want to walk amongst my fellow country(wo)men waving enthusiastically at hundreds of thousands of eye-blinding camera flashes.

I know I’m just north of thirty, but it’s not too late. There’s a fifty-something year old fencer, a couple of thirty-something swimmers, and then there’s 61year old Ian Millar who just won a medal by sitting well on a horse… ok, there’s more to the sport than that. But what I’m getting at is that there’s a whole slew of things I can try and get really, really good at within the next 3-4 years so I can make the next set of Olympic games. And then if not, there’s always curling and the winter games to aim for. Sweet.

But I gotta say one thing… what the hell is with the Canada flag on Ian Millar’s helmet? It makes him look like he’s wearing a pair of panties on his head.

(pic from the associated press)

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digital di said...

i think the "easiest" olympic event is the rifle. really, how difficult is it to pull a stationary trigger?

i think if you start enrolling yourself in rifle classes, you've still got a chance to attend the 2012 olympics.