Wednesday, August 20

day 11581 11582: randomania

1. Apathy vs. Empathy

Darn this whole ESL business. Who knew that two little words would make such a big difference. Ok, I’m not really ESL and I didn’t actually use the words incorrectly, but to those who are and have, there’s a whole lot of difference between being apathetic and empathetic. i.e. You should be empathetic that I am apathetic as I no longer give a shit about anything anymore.

2. Attention Deficit Dis… huh?

I did a whole bunch of tests that all ended up saying that it’s highly probably that I have ADD… which explains a hell of a lot of the idiocy that is my life, the craziness that surrounds me, my extreme BOREDOM of all that lies around me, and why I can’t keep a straight thought going in my head for more than 5 minutes.

NOTE: these weren’t silly little online tests either… they were highly in-depth, detailed, multiple questioned tests that I actually had to sit and pay attention to. But given the way through which I zoomed through the two 120-130 questioned tests, I really wonder if I actually have ADD. Then again, it did take me about 4 months worth of procrastinating to get through them, and I actually forgot about the second test until I went back and tried to retake the first test to get a better score.

3. Cure-All-For-Boredomness

I need a new hobby. I need a new love interest. Hell, I just need something to do that will put a little excitement back into my life. That whole cake making thing... yeah, what of it? I came, I saw, I did, I rocked it out. But now it’s over and I’m fat from eating all that cake. I don’t even like cake. Well, I didn’t before. Now I like it a bit too much. There’s something wrong with that picture. Wait, I don’t even want to see that picture.

Oh yeah… and for all you with hobby suggestions, I need a suggestion OTHER THAN going to the bar. Cuz I’ve been doing a little too much of that as well. Let’s go for hobby suggestions other than something that involves putting thngs in my mouth. Crap, I suppose I can’t have a new love interest either then. Shit. Just joking. Right.

4. Growing up sucks

Ok, vet bills and automatic number formatting suck more. But seriously, growing up and having a mortgage and having to force myself to save money for retirement AND not winning the lottery really, really, really sucks. Now instead of going traipsing around Egypt and Dubai for a few weeks, I can only afford to fly to San Fran on points and prostrate myself in front of Sista and the NEWBRO begging for mercy accommodations and a piece of floor upon which I can lay my head. But, hey, who’s complaining… not me!!! Lucky duck Sista and NEWBRO have a killer, killer view of the ocean. Maybe we can hit up French Laundry… hint hint hint…

5. Irony

For someone who hates weddings as much as I do, I kind of picked a really funny side-business to involve myself in. Not that I’m complaining about either cake or weddings or wedding cake… I’m just making a strange observation about myself…

6. I'm asian and can't do math...

Miscounted my days again... sigh...

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