Monday, August 25

day 11587: my own kitchen nightmare

I dreamt last night that I was competing on Iron Chef in a cook-off against some seasoned pros. Gordon Ramsey was one of the judges and went on and on about amateur chefs and started harshly criticizing my technique when it came to pan frying a piece of fish that refused to cook through. It was just fish, for god’s sake!

Frustrated, I stormed out of Kitchen Stadium and came back a few minutes later with my trump card and his comeuppance… a half melted chocolate popsicle rolled in deep fried pulverized fish skin. Yum.


teahouse said...


And in response to your comment on my blog, you don't have to get married to go on a honeymoon. Just go on a fun trip for no reason!

Woe said...

That is hilarious. Love your dream. Although I like the dream I had know the one I'm talking about. I think you were the winner in that one too. :)